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The law firm Lexseven (Lexseven Advokatbyrå) safeguards the security of your personal data with the utmost integrity and consideration. Our website is encrypted with HTTPS / SSL certificate. The certificate is intended to prevent unauthorized persons from viewing information sent between servers. Here we explain how we collect and use data to comply with applicable laws and regulations (GDPR). The information on this page can be updated. This privacy policy was updated 2021-05-14.

What information do we store and for how long

The information stored with us is the fields that each form contains. The personal data is collected and processed for the purpose of administering the action you have requested. Or as required by law, and saved no longer than required to fulfill this purpose. If you submit your personal data / fill in a form to Lexseven AB via this website, you agree to the processing of them, in accordance with this policy.

The purpose of the collection

We collect information to contact, establish and / or maintain a business relationship or inquiry.

Change / deletion and right to information about personal data

Change / deletion and right to information about personal data

Sharing of data to third parties

Lexseven AB may, in certain cases, pass on your personal information to third parties and partners if it is deemed necessary to fulfill your request for our services. Your personal data is only stored for the period necessary for the purpose of the processing, unless otherwise stated in this policy. The information will be assigned:

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We use Google Analytics script to get statistics. Google Analytics collects information about which websites visitors are on. These statistics are then presented to website owners.

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We use Facebook's pixels to track activities on the website that we can use for various marketing.


Personal information is stored at Lexseven AB. No data transfer can be guaranteed security but we do everything we can to ensure that your data is processed securely. We have internal routines, login requirements and SSL to process the data as securely as possible.

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Cookies we use

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Deny the cookies

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Contact information

If you as a visitor or customer have questions about how we process personal data or want to change / delete the data, please contact the data controller via e-mail:

Lexseven 559126-0608
Dalgatan 12,  151 53 Södertälje
Personal data representative: The law firm Lexseven


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