Legal protection

In a dispute in court, you should primarily seek financial help through your home insurance. 
The legal protection in a home insurance can finance costs for the agent, which can be a lawyer or jurist. Different insurance companies have different conditions for legal protection. Legal protection covers 80% of the costs. The remaining part is paid by the policyholder. Your representative with us will help you activate the legal protection in your home insurance. 

Legal aid

You may be entitled to legal aid if you do not have home insurance. 
To receive legal aid, it is required, among other things, that your income does not exceed SEK 260,000 per year and that you have had one hour of legal advice. You must always pay for the first hour of counseling yourself. If you receive legal aid, you pay about 2-40% of the total legal costs depending on your income. The remaining costs are covered by the state. Your representative with us will help you apply for legal aid. 

The state bears certain costs

In criminal cases where the suspect has been granted a public defender and the victim has been granted a plaintiff's counsel, the state bears the legal costs. The state is also responsible for all representation costs in asylum cases where asylum seekers have been granted public assistance and in various coercive cases, e.g. according to the Act on the Care of Young People (LVU). 

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