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Suspected or exposed to crime?

If you are a suspect or have been exposed to crime, you always have the right to be represented by a lawyer.

Keep in mind that you can choose who you want as a lawyer. It is important that you request a lawyer before the first police interrogation.
If you request us, we promise to stand by your side and fight for you and your rights throughout the legal process.

We have a long experience of criminal cases. We undertake assignments as public defender and plaintiff's counsel.

Contact us for a free consultation.

Lexseven advokatbyrå
Lexseven advokatbyrå


Custody & socializing

As a parent, you usually have an obvious role in your child's life. Parents who cannot agree on how custody should be exercised can have the matter decided by a court. Seeking help from a law firm does not mean that the dispute must go to court. We strive to find the best possible solution for you and your child. It can be a consensual solution through mediation, but if that does not work, we will do our utmost for you in a court process.

Custody disputes and disputes about contact are often very emotionally burdensome and difficult. The conflict between the parents risks harming the child but also your relationship with the child. In the event of a conflict with the other parent, it is important to seek help before the situation has escalated. The earlier you seek help, the faster you reach a solution.

Being assisted by a skilled lawyer makes a dispute easier to handle for you as a client and for the children.

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Notarius Publicus

Apostille, Signering och vidimering

As a Notary Public, we help you certify: 

  • Signatures
  • Translations
  • Company documents

It is important to: 

You ensure that the content meets all the requirements in the country where the document is to be used, include original documents if copies are to be certified, and include valid Swedish identification.

Apostille is issued on documents and signed by government officials in the exercise of their authority. When the document is provided with an apostille, it does not need to be further substantiated. In order for a document to be provided with an apostille, it is required that the authority that issued the document stamps it with the authority's name and that the person who stamped signed and stated his position at the authority.

Company documents

The documents to be provided with apostille are for example: 

  • Translations by authorized translators
  • Documents issued by government agencies
  • Excerpts from public registers 
  • Court documents
  • Grades



Lexseven advokatbyrå
Lexseven advokatbyrå


We represent both companies and private individuals in disputes about receivables, damages and defects in property / tenant-ownership. Disputes regarding the transfer of movable property, such as the sale of cars, boats and the like, are also assignments that the law firm undertakes. 

In many cases, a dispute can be resolved by consensus, but if the parties do not agree, the dispute must be decided in the district court.

Vi på Advokatbyrån har en lång erfarenhet av processande i domstol.

Lexseven advokatbyrå


Have you come to Sweden to seek protection from persecution or other protection-based treatment?

The law firm has many years of experience in helping and supporting people seeking asylum.

When you apply for asylum, you can request a lawyer from the Law Firm. We will then have a meeting where we go through your experiences and documentation if there is one. We accompany you to the asylum investigation and
ensure that the Swedish Migration Board becomes aware of all important circumstances in your case.

Then, based on your story, evidence and information about your home country, we will argue
for you to be granted protection in Sweden.

Advokatbyrån kan även anlitas av privatpersoner i allehanda migrationsärenden.

Vill du bosätta dig i Sverige på grund av arbete eller kärlek?

Du kan kontakta oss för råd inför din ansökan för att vara väl förberedd och ha de handlingar som behövs.
Vi erbjuder dig även fullständig service från att upprätta och bevaka din ansökan fram till dess
att beslut har fattats.

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